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There is no psychiatrist in the world like    a puppy licking your face.  ~ 

Ben Williams



All “GIFT” puppies are in new home.

Diary of puppies here:
Informations about parents of litter here:

Individually informations of puppies here:

If you are interested in puppy from us in future,

please, contact us by email
and write us something about you....

With big thanks for Gift of new life we announce, 8 puppies were born on 5th October 2017,

we have 3 boys and 5 girls, all puppies are nice and healthy,

mother Elisha is doing well and enjoy to be mother.

More pictures here:


News in Ridgeback shop:

Hand made collars and show leads

Jewellery Rhodesian Ridgeback 7 €

28 x 20 x 1,3 mm,  chain 45 cm

material - zink and

Gold plated             or                Silver plated



If you have serious interest of puppy, please, write us:

- why did you decided about RR?

- do you have interest of dog / bitch, show promising quality or only pet and member of family?

- what condition do you have for puppy (flat, house, how much of time can you to take care of him ) ?

- from which country and place are you, do you have some experiences with dogs?

- contact

More info about parents of litter G you can find

Es Elisha Tatranská Afrika


Father: A’Lucas Star Fox Grape

Mother: Blue Berry Tatranská Afrika

d.o.b: 19.6.2014

Owner: Ester a Janek Handzušovci

Breeder: Ester a Janek Handzušovci

scissors, missing up P3
height: 62 cm

HD A/A    ED 0/0 
OCD neg
DM - N/N
Blue dilute - D/D
Brown gen B/B (no)

Puppy champion SR
Young vice-bitche of year 2015 SKCHR

1x CAJC,  1x CAC

Club res. CAC SKCHR

candidate for Juniorchampion of SR

Candidate of champion of SR

Candidate for Club champion of SKCHR


LUKSUS z Werwą


Father: Mkai Leoridge

Mother: Dancing Revue z Werva

d.o.b.: 29.6.2010

Owner: Kasia Rusinek

Breeder: Kasia Rusinek

scissors, full-dentition,

height: 68,5 cm

HD A/A    ED 0/0 
OCD neg

JME - clear

Champion of Poland

Juniorchampion of Poland

multi BOS,




For our litter we have chosen dog, which didn’t mate in Slovakia yet. He has only three litters in Poland. 

Luksus was very successful on shows.

His high is on upper top of standard, he has good upper linie, excellent angulation of front and back legs, very nice wheaten colour,
accordingly eyes and small white mark on breast. 

He is active and healthy and has friendly and no conflict nature.  

We believe, that this litter will give much of joy to new owners!

Elisha was born in our kennel in our fifth litter, she has nice head,  good angulation of front and back legs,
nice red wheaten colour, accordingly eyes.

Pedigree of  Luksus:

13th April 2016:

We have puppies - 4 boys and 5 girls.
All puppies are reserved in this time.

if you are interested in a puppy from us in future,

please, contact us by email and write us something about you....


Big thanks Šárka Štusáková for pictures of Rhon, Dominika Haršániová for pictures of Berry
and Gabriela Štefuňová for graphic!






picture  Šárka Štusáková

BLUE BERRY Tatranská Afrika

* 31.10.2009

number: SPKP 1451

breed bitch, fuldentition, scissors bitte

colour dark wheaten without white marks

64 cm, 34 kg,

RTG: HD A/A, ED 0/0,

Candidate of Champion beauty SR, HU, PL

Candidate of  Inter champion,

Candidate of Club champion SKCHR

2x  BOB, res. BIG

Father:             Ntchwaidumela EASTLUIS                    

Mother:           CATHY z Údolí Kocáby

Breeder:     Ester a Ján Handzušovci Tatranská Afrika

Owner:         Ester a Ján Handzušovci - Tatranská Afrika


RHON z Lukovského dvora - “Lord”

* 22.4.2011

  number: ČMKU 6876

       breed dog, fuldentition scissors bitte

colour red wheaten, small white mark

70 cm,  45 kg
RTG: HD A/A, ED 0/0

Champion ČR

Candidate of champion SR

Candidate of Inter champion


Father:    Cynamon Cieply Dom   

Mother:  Lilly z Lukovského dvora

Breeder: Ing. Petr Kotěra - Z Lukovského dvora

Owner:    Jarmila Poslušná